Josi Gelpi: ·The Politics of Psychiatry in Revolutionary Cuba·

Actualidades | DD.HH. | Libros | Memoria | 15 de mayo de 2020

Aquí los dejo con una escueta aunque puntual reseña al libro de Brown & Lago, The Politics of Psychiatry in Revolutionary Cuba, publicado hace un tiempito y que no estaría mal volver a editar en traducción: «The use of ECT and psychotropic drugs are not prescribed by a physician and are used as punishment, according to the book. There is uniformity of reporting of ECT being applied without anesthesia or muscle relaxants while lying on a wet floor «for better conductivity.» Political prisoners and patients are kept in the same wards. Forced medication and ECT «treatment» was reported by all but three political prisoners.» 😉