Joaquin Badajoz: ·La América de Juan-Sí: despojando la política de su schmaltz·

Actualidades | Artes visuales | 3 de enero de 2020

Excelente texto de Joaquín Badajoz (también en inglés) sobre la bellísima obra de Juan-Sí próxima a presentarse en American Playgrounds, en Cleveland: «American Playground 2008/2018 shows a selection of ‘still frames’ of his travels— or is it more akin to an intimate road movie?— a visual docudrama of abandoned places, symmetrical buildings, ideologically charged billboards, cultural haikus, rural capitalism, and a daily evangelical pragmatism of uncanny beauty. This series comes a decade after “Mental Landscapes,” his installation exhibition with his wife and collaborator Paloma Dallas at Olin Art Gallery at Kenyon College, which summoned up an early sample of this wondrous alter reality, more real than reality itself in these times of political uncertainty.» Enjoyyyyt 😉